About us

Automatic Transmission Services has been in business at the same location for 30 Years. Locally owned it started out in a very small shop, and expanded to a new shop with 7 hoists, and has 2 re-builders including Jim, the owner. Automatic Transmission Services now has 3 employees, specializing in rebuilding automatic transmissions, transfer cases, manual clutches, wheel bearings, brake repair, some mounting of tires, drive shafts, and u-joints.

Jim’s goal in life was to treat people fair and make sure his employee’s did a good job on the vehicles to have a satisfied customer.

Ron will give you deices information on your vehicle. He will need to have you bring the vehicle into the shop so he can diagnose the problem thoroughly. He will recommend another reliable business that can take the care of your problem, if Ron feels its not a Transmission problem.

This has been our policy form day 1. We tell you the truth and not say it’s the transmission and charge big money