Rebuilt Transmissions

Our Signature Rebuilt Transmission Service

There’s no component more crucial and complex in a vehicle’s engine than the transmission system. These are responsible for changing gears (either manually/automatically) which in turn makes a difference in the speed torque ratio, required for delivering the right amount of power to the wheels.

A rebuilt transmission is a crucial mechanical overhaul for the transmission system. As it’s made up of interconnected parts, which typically wear out over time, transmission rebuild becomes essential. At ATS Transmission services, we help rebuild your transmission by replacing just the parts that are worn out instead of changing the complete transmission system, thus saving you cost over complete replacement.

Why Choose us: With over 26 years in transmission repair and maintenance services, we are well established and have experienced techs for your transmission repair and rebuilds. Our auto repair shop is located ¾ of a mile North of I-90 and I-39 on highway 26 and we serve the Janesville area, including Beloit, Whitewater, Elkhorn, Jefferson and other communities in Rock County.

Unlike other big chain auto repair shops, which may employ deceptive sales tactics or ask you for a complete transmission replacement, at Automatic Transmission Service, we provide you with a genuine and authentic work at a reasonable estimate without hidden costs.

What we do: We at Automatic Transmission Service provide rebuild transmission services for most models and makes of vans, cars and trucks. We have the latest transmission inspection tools to precisely spot any problem backed with a highly skilled techs that can easily and skilfully repair the transmission auto parts. Your vehicle is finally road tested to ensure the rebuilt transmission system works properly.

Call us today at 608-754-7737 for an appointment or visit our workshop. One of our tech experts will diagnose your transmission system and offer an estimate for the transmission rebuild.