refurbished transmissions

What are the most expensive car repairs? Replacing automatic transmissions (or manual transmissions, for that matter) is up there — and it is one of the most preventable repairs as well. What can you do to keep cars running smoothly before it comes to new or refurbished transmissions?

Don’t Take Transmissions Fluid Lightly
“Around nine out of every 10 automatic transmission failures occur as a result of problems with transmission fluid,” writes. For whatever reason, it is exceedingly common for drivers to ignore and neglect car fluids of all kinds. A national survey reveals that 18% of U.S. cars have low or contaminated brake fluid, and another 16% have hazardously low coolant levels. And the stats aren’t that much better in terms of transmissions fluid. In fact, since the fluid is changed less frequently than oil and brake fluid, many drivers forget about it altogether — and with devastating results. What exactly are they? A lack of fluid can cause the transmission to overheat or the transmission fluid itself can overheat. If you have either of these problems, new transmissions or refurbished transmissions will undoubtedly be in your future. And that will set you back an average of $1,800 to $3,500!

Heed Warning Signs
There are about 701,100 auto mechanics in the U.S., and all of them generally agree: For the most part transmissions repair and other major car repairs don’t just come about randomly. In many cases, cars and trucks will give you adequate warning — and you should pay attention to them. Learn what the various indicators on the dash mean (for example, “ignoring the oil and temperature lights can result in an engine replacement meaning thousands of dollars out of your pocket,” according to¬†Market Watch), and act accordingly when and if one lights up.

Neglecting transmissions can set you back thousands of dollars. Be proactive about car maintenance and repair to drive safely and get the most use out of your transmission.

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