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Although it may not exactly feel like it in the Northeast, spring is here and summer is just around the corner! And that means it is time (or will be soon enough) to begin towing campers and boats in order to better enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, in nearly all cases, towing involves a bit more than simply having a big truck. For one, trucks — and particularly truck transmissions — need to be in tip-top shape before you tow heavy objects back and forth all summer.

Inspect Automatic Transmissions Or Manual Transmissions At The Beginning Of The Season
At the start of the season, it is always wise to have auto transmissions inspected¬†before¬†towing anything. With 701,100 U.S. auto mechanics and 87,032 auto body shops (also in the U.S.), this shouldn’t exactly be difficult. In addition to a mere visual inspection, make certain to discuss transmission filters and fluids with your mechanic as well — or refer to your owner’s manual. In many cases, truck owners can change filters somewhat regularly to prevent greater transmission problems. Remember, this maintenance is essential — especially given that auto transmissions repairs and engine repairs are the most costly car repairs.

Mind Your Towing Limit
Towing over your vehicle’s weight capacity forces your transmission to work harder — and that can take an incredible toll. It also creates more heat, which can ultimately lead to transmission failure. To avoid going over capacity, refer to your manual to get the upper limit — and then use public scales to weigh any campers, boats, or trailers to make certain that they are within that limit.

Look forward to boating and camping this summer without worrying. Keep your transmission in top condition, have it maintained and serviced regularly, and weigh boats and campers and make certain that they do not exceed your towing limit.

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